Stewards, what is their job like?

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A kitchen steward is better known (understood) as a support staff in the kitchen or a kitchen porter. The steward mostly works in commercial, private or at times industrial kitchens as an aid. They are not directly linked to the preparation of the meals; however, they indirectly assist others throughout their day. They simply make work easier for the chef and prep cook by cleaning and organizing things around the kitchen area. The position of a kitchen steward or porter is very important because it makes work for the food preps and chefs easier. Without stewards, the kitchen would be a mess making it very difficult for the preps and chefs to work.

The steward can work in any food production section that operates on a large scale like hotels, restaurants, and food courts. Although it is one of the lowest positions in the kitchen as a rank, it is a job that is necessary to ensure smooth operation of a kitchen.

Below is a brief list detailing the duties and responsibilities of a steward

Cleaning and maintenance

A clean kitchen is very important and a must for every establishment to observe, this happens to be the most crucial or important task a steward has to perform regularly. The cleaning targets the utensils used by the food prep cooks and the chefs not forgetting any appliance they use during preparation of any meal. This keeps the utensils and equipment clean for the preparation of the next meal at all times. Cleaning of the workstations and the floors is also an important part of the stewards’ jobs. The steward also should conduct regular inspection of the utensils and workstations to ensure they are in a proper working state at all times. He or she also has to make sure that all the items and utensils needed for the preparation of a certain meal are readily available to the chef and food prep.


After the chefs finish preparing the meals and the kitchen aid has cleaned the kitchen and utensils, it is his job to store each item properly and in an orderly manner to prevent damage and make them easily accessible for the next day of work. The steward is in charge of the maintenance of the storage facilities in the kitchen and cleaning the areas thoroughly. When storing the different items, the stewards should ensure they are well organized and stored as expected.


Taking inventory of the kitchen items is another vital task of the steward; he or she is responsible for accounting and asking for replacements of utensils and other kitchen equipment that should be replaced due to faults and damage. The steward is expected to record and report any damage or loss of kitchen apparatus to the next in command.

Waste management

This is another task for the porter that goes hand in hand with cleaning the entire kitchen. The steward is expected to take out the trash after cleaning the area. Dumping all the trash in one dumpster is not expected from a kitchen steward; however, he or she is expected to sort out the trash accordingly before disposal.

This a summary of what is expected from a kitchen steward; it may not cover every detail and more information on the topic is available online.


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